business skills

비즈니스 업무에서 꼭 필요한 기본 스킬을 세분화하여 각각의 Situation Business Conversation을 완벽하게 수행하는데 필요한 실무 영어를 빠르고 정확하게 익힐 수 있도록 구성된 과정입니다.


Core Skills for Business
내용 01. An Introduction to e-mails
02. Formal and informal e-mails
03. Enquiries
04. Requesting action
05. Exchanging information
06. Making and confirming appointments
능률 레벨 Level 5 이상
소요시간 24 시간

Telephone Skills

Core Skills for Business
내용 01. Telephoning basics
02. Exchanging and checking Information
03. Leaving and taking Messages
04. Making and confirming arrangements
05. Making and dealing with complaints
06. Making and reacting to proposals
능률 레벨 Level 5 이상
소요시간 24 시간


Core Skills for Business
내용 01. Arranging a meeting / Confirming by e-mail
02. Introductions Reporting
03. progress Cause and effect
04. Asking for comments Agreeing and disagreeing
05. Responding to offers
06. Ending a meeting and saying goodbye
능률 레벨 Level 5 이상
소요시간 24 시간


Core Skills for Business
내용 01. Making contact
02. Welcoming visitors
03. Getting acquainted
04. Entertaining a visitor
05. Eating out
06. Networking
능률 레벨 Level 5 이상
소요시간 24 시간


Core Skills for Business
내용 01. Welcoming your audience
02. Body language
03. Presentation tools
04. Introducing visuals
05. Strategies for conclusions
06. Handling Q and As
능률 레벨 Level 5 이상
소요시간 24 시간


Core Skills for Business
내용 01. Preparing the ground
02. Setting the agenda
03. Establishing positions
04. Clarifying positions
05. Managing conflict
06. Making and responding to proposals
07. Bargaining
08. Conclusion and agreement
능률 레벨 Level 5 이상
소요시간 24 시간

Business Writing

Writing For The Real World
내용 01. Recommending
02. Making inquiries
03. Placing orders
04. Making payment
05. Complaints
06. Checking progress
07. Interoffice memos
08. Discussing proposals
09. Reports
능률 레벨 Level 5 이상
소요시간 24 시간